December 2015

Mayfair FX - Blog Post 13

What is the Mid-Market Rate?

25 November in FX

Mayfair FX helps understand the mid-market rate and why it is important The mid-market rate has many names and is also known as: Market Rate Inter-bank rate Bank rate Currency rate Real exchange rate Spot rate and the list continues…   By definition, it is the midpoint between...

Mayfair FX - Blog Post 12

The 5 Most Popular Currencies in the UK

06 October in FX

An overview of the Currencies used by Importers & Exporters outside of the European Union. The latest trade statistics shows the most popular currency for UK Imports outside of the EU continues to be the US Dollar (USD) with Pound Sterling (GBP) following in a low...

Mayfair FX - Blog Post 11

The UK’s Top 10 Trading Partners

23 September in FX

Which are the top countries the UK Imports or Exports to and from? As we enter the last quarter of 2015 we thought it was important to understand who the UK’s Top 10 Trading Partners are, just in case you didn’t already know. You may already...

Mayfair FX - Blog Post 10

Which countries produce the most Wine?

10 September in FX

The up and coming wine producers may take you by surprise! According to International Organisation of Vine and Wine in their 2013 report on World Vitiviniculture, wine consumption remains constant across the globe at 243 millions of hectolitres and wine production remains relatively unchanged at 252...

Mayfair FX - Blog Post 9

13 Top Tips For Buying Property Abroad

07 August in FX

The must-read checklist before purchasing a property in another country As we travel further afield and more frequently than ever before, the world is becoming a smaller place. This has led to a boom in buying properties as a holiday home or even a 2nd home....

Mayfair FX - Blog Post 8

How to get the best exchange rates?

17 July in FX

10 tips to get the best exchange rates before making your next International Payment or Currency Transfer When making an International Payment or Currency Transfer it can be difficult to know whether you are receiving the best deal. It can be quite confusing with the numerous...

Mayfair FX - Blog Post 5

10 Ways to Save Thousands in your Business

07 April in FX

The Year-End is the perfect opportunity to review your costs and make efficient changes for the coming year. As the economy undergo ups and downs, businesses & especially SMEs should recognise the ways in which they can cut their costs. When your business is thriving, costs...