Luxury Brands Growing Internationally Need Effective Currency Exchange Solutions And International Payment Options

The rise in global wealth has led to a rapid expansion in the luxury brand sector and their increasing dominance is evident on upmarket high streets. An appeal of the exclusive goods and services has become truly international and consumers are willing to spend more than ever before. With the increased demand naturally a larger volume of money will be moved and therefore it is paramount to have optimised international payments and forex exchange transfers.

This is precisely the reason why we created our platform which will help you optimise your international financial processes and save you money from unnecessary bank fees and currency exchange costs..


In Highly Competitive Industry Like the Luxury Goods You Need to Be The Best to Grow Internationally

The number of brands continues to increase making the industry highly competitive and increasingly more price sensitive. The companies which can save money on fees and unexpected currency exchange rate volatility will be in a better position to dominate the international market. We suggest you use the Mayfair FX platform as a solution to those high fees and currency exchange risks. With our platform, you are able to plan your money flow more accurately and to stop worrying about sudden currency drops or spikes. We will also help you with getting:


  • Competitive Exchange Rates
  • Forward Contracts
  • Swift Payments
  • Great Number of Currencies, Destinations and Countries


Mayfair FX is your high tech financial partner when it comes to foreign exchange transfers and international payments.


Every Luxury Brand Needs a Partner Like Mayfair FX If Want to Thrive in The International Markets


When you sign up for Mayfair FX platform you will be able to make secure Swift Payments and control your currency hedging and exchange processes 24/7 in a fully transparent environment. We can assure you that we do not have hidden fees and to promise you that saving from bank fees and competitive exchange rates can result in significant increase in your profits from international trade when it comes to luxury goods and brands.

Our platform will transform your international financial operations and bring your luxury company to the next high tech level. To be the best in your industry take advantage of the latest technologies and gain an edge ahead of your competitors with Mayfair FX platform.


Let Us Help You Become An Even Bigger Player in The Global Arena of Luxury Brands


We will assist your luxury brand to plan ahead by understanding your future growth projections so you can manage your current and future Foreign Exchange risk.. Enjoy every opportunity when it comes to international payments and currency exchange with Mayfair FX platform. We can guarantee you that we offer:

Competitive Exchange Rates

Real-time online activity and instant email notifications

One account, multiple user platform

Sign up today and you can be sure that you are using one of the most innovative platforms when it comes to international payments and forex exchange!

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    Extremely thankful to Mayfair FX for cutting City Falcon’s international transfer cost to Ukraine when GBP/USD is at a multi-year low.

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    Excellent, speedy and efficient service with huge savings from Mayfair FX. Already recommending them to all our personal and commercial contacts.

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    From the very start Mayfair FX has been open & fair with us. They have helped us save money and are a pleasure doing business with.

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