FAQ > Book a Trade

Booking a trade is quick, simple and easy and takes less than 60 seconds


Once logged into the platform, click “Convert and Pay” on the side menu or  “Conversion Manager” on the Dashboard


  1. Select the currency you wish to sell

    e.g GBP for Pounds Sterling. For a full list of currencies available click here

  2. Select the currency you wish to buy

    e.g. USD for United States Dollars

  3. Enter the amount of currency you wish to buy or sell

    e.g $50,000 USD

  4. Select the date you want the currency delivered

    The default is 2 working days (or spot date) which normally gives you plenty of time to get funds to us to settle.

“Get a Quote” to get your live rates.


Here you will be given 20 seconds to accept the quote. To accept the quoted trade tick the box “I am happy with this quote” and click “Convert”. If you do not accept the trade, simply click “Requote” to get the latest rates again.


Once you accept the trade, you will be shown the trade confirmation. You will also receive an email copy of this confirmation.


Next steps, select the beneficiary (the company or individual you would like to pay). If you have already added the beneficiary to the platform click “Pay Now” otherwise click “Pay Later” to add the new beneficiary.


To find out how to Make a Payment click here


To find out how to Add a New Beneficiary click here