We Help Amazon and eBay Business With Currency Exchange and International Payments

Online marketplaces such as Amazon & eBay have helped small businesses reach global audiences and target new markets. The expansion of the number of businesses operating under such marketplaces has been impressive and will continue to grow in the future.


Amazon and eBay are the biggest online marketplaces in the world and they helped small business grow rapidly and reach new opportunities in the international marketplace. But those opportunities come with new challenges in logistics, customer satisfaction,currency exchange and international payments.


We are here to help those businesses cope with currency exchange and international payments in the most optimal way.


Mayfair FX – Your Partner in Facing International Business Challenges


Businesses previously only focused on domestic markets are now faced with currency headwinds through the export of goods and receiving payment in various foreign currencies. And since the factors which may affect your currency rates are plenty, your business needs a solution which can help you plan for the future.


The market needed a new and more optimised process of exchanging currency than the usual bank exchange where the fees and commissions eat a large portion of a company’s profit. In addition to having an optimised method to transfer money internationally we found businesses trading on Amazon and eBay required the following services:


  • Competitive Exchange Rates
  • Forward Contracts
  • Same Day Swift Payments
  • Great Number of Currencies, Destinations and Countries


That is why we created a platform which can satisfy your business needs. Our platform is built after careful identification of those needs and we proudly can say that Mayfair FX cover all of those business needs.


Our Platform Give You The Edge You Need When Trading on eBay and Amazon


Mayfair FX platform allows you to view competitive exchange rates, assisting your business to become more sustainable by planning for the future currency needs. Also, we have NO hidden fees and we offer Swift payments which are a fast and secure method of making international payments. Mayfair FX online platform is fully transparent and accessible 24/7 to help your company international growth.


Make sure you are always one step in front of your competitors. Use Mayfair FX and you will gain the necessary sustainability to plan your international trading business on eBay or Amazon and not lose money on international payments and currency exchange fees. Save money, use Mayfair FX online platform today!


Mayfair FX – Must Have Tool for All International Amazon & eBay Business


We help your business manage Foreign Exchange exposures to assist in competing in the global marketplace and make sure you do not lose money in unnecessary exchange rate fees. Further, you can rely on the following:

Competitive Exchange Rates

Real-time online activity and instant email notifications

One account, multiple user platform

Create your account in Mayfair FX NOW and make your first currency transfer in less than 60 seconds. Boost your international business in Amazon and eBay with Mayfair FX platform by your side!

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    city falcon

    Extremely thankful to Mayfair FX for cutting City Falcon’s international transfer cost to Ukraine when GBP/USD is at a multi-year low.

    polio children

    Excellent, speedy and efficient service with huge savings from Mayfair FX. Already recommending them to all our personal and commercial contacts.

    sona tours

    From the very start Mayfair FX has been open & fair with us. They have helped us save money and are a pleasure doing business with.

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