When The Agriculture & Farming Industry Need International Payments and Foreign Exchange They Use Mayfair FX

Agriculture & Farming industry has always followed currency exchange rates closely due to the very international nature of the business. Most of the companies in agriculture and farming industry regularly need to make or receive international payments. Exchange of foreign currencies is also very common in this industry.


This is why the farming and agriculture companies need a more innovative solution to help them manage these particular situations and at the same time will allow them to better plan to avoid unpleasant surprises with foreign currencies fluctuations. If you also need such tool, Mayfair FX is here to help.



Get One Step Ahead of Your Competitors – Use Smart Solutions for Foreign Exchange & International Payment


Farmers and business in the agriculture industry are exposed to currency risk in many various ways from the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS), exporting crops, importing tractors, manufacture of tools and the list goes on. The multinational aspects of the farming and agriculture companies are undeniable.


The companies which can save money on bank feeswhen making international payments and indirect currencyfees when exchanging money will always be one step ahead. This is why we created a platform which offers you:



  • Competitive Exchange Rates
  • Forward Contracts
  • Swift Payments
  • Great Number of Currencies, Destinations and Countries



Stop sharing your profits with the banks, save money and make your business more sustainable now, use Mayfair FX platform!


All Your Agriculture or Farming Company Requires When Making International Payments and Exchanging Money


Our platform is fully transparent and accessible 24/7 in order to support your farming or agriculture business needs, no matter what time of the day it is. Other functionalities of Mayfair FX platform which our customers find very useful is the option to monitor exchanges rates and to make fast & secure international payments with Swift Payments. NO hidden fees are something we can 100% guarantee you!


Make your company international payment process more predictable by using Mayfair FX platform when you need to exchange money or to make an international payment. Grow your company internationally and save a big share of your profits.


Let Us Help You Save Money When Making International Payments


When we take a look at the agriculture companies we will see that the transaction volumes are large enough to warrant a great deal of attention when planning and hedging ongoing currency exposures.


If you ignore this factor, the risk of losing a great amount of money if sudden currencies fluctuation occurs is significant. Mayfair FX platform will help you to greatly lower the risk and make your company future more predictable. When using our platform you can be sure that we offer:

Competitive Exchange Rates

Real-time online activity and instant email notifications

One account, multiple user platform

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