Mayfair FX - Blog Post 13

What is the Mid-Market Rate?

10:00 25 November in FX

Mayfair FX helps understand the mid-market rate and why it is important

The mid-market rate has many names and is also known as:

  • Market Rate
  • Inter-bank rate
  • Bank rate
  • Currency rate
  • Real exchange rate
  • Spot rate
  • and the list continues…


By definition, it is the midpoint between Buy & Sell market rates.

For example:

GBP/USD Buy Rate GBP/USD Sell Rate
1.5150 1.5170
Mid-market rate = 1.5160


Why is the mid-market rate important?
If you know the mid-market rate and the rate you receive from your Foreign Exchange provider you can check if you are getting a good & fair deal.

For example if you are looking to Buy £100,000 Pounds worth of Euro’s from your traditional currency provider and you know the below:

Mid-market rate GBP/EUR: 1.4150

Currency Provider BUY rate: 1.3725

You can now calculate the currency provider has taken a margin of 3% which means it has cost you £3,000.

How can Mayfair FX help?

  • Show you the mid-market rate on every transfer
  • Gives you access to both Spot or Forward contracts
  • Offers you a small FX margin ‘Spread’ compared to traditional FX providers
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Online platform to check & book currency rates 24/7
  • Hassle-free registration


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