Mayfair FX - Blog Post 9

13 Top Tips For Buying Property Abroad

07 August in FX

The must-read checklist before purchasing a property in another country As we travel further afield and more frequently than ever before, the world is becoming a smaller place. This has led to a boom in buying properties as a holiday home or even a 2nd home....

Mayfair FX - Blog Post 8

How to get the best exchange rates?

17 July in FX

10 tips to get the best exchange rates before making your next International Payment or Currency Transfer When making an International Payment or Currency Transfer it can be difficult to know whether you are receiving the best deal. It can be quite confusing with the numerous...

Mayfair FX - Blog Post 5

10 Ways to Save Thousands in your Business

07 April in FX

The Year-End is the perfect opportunity to review your costs and make efficient changes for the coming year. As the economy undergo ups and downs, businesses & especially SMEs should recognise the ways in which they can cut their costs. When your business is thriving, costs...

Mayfair FX - Welcome to Change

Welcome to Change, Welcome to Mayfair FX

29 August in FX

Changing the way an industry operates is a difficult task, but we are ready for the challenge. For generations businesses have transacted with Banks & FX Brokers with very little insight into payments, choice and costs. That is about to change. 3 Reasons why businesses have used...