Mayfair FX - Welcome to Change

Welcome to Change, Welcome to Mayfair FX

10:00 29 August in FX

Changing the way an industry operates is a difficult task, but we are ready for the challenge.

For generations businesses have transacted with Banks & FX Brokers with very little insight into payments, choice and costs. That is about to change.

3 Reasons why businesses have used banks and brokers:

  • Perceived convenience
  • Not aware of choice
  • Never thought to change


Over the next few weeks we plan on releasing articles which will provide insight into these very elements and provide businesses the knowledge to understand their currency transfers better.

5 Topics we will be opening discussions about:

  • FX Margins or “Spread”
  • Payments Charges
  • Transparency
  • Choice
  • Technology


The foreign exchange revolution has already begun in personal transfers and remittances. Now, it is right time for the next revolution, the business market! #GiveBackToBusiness

We look forward to helping the industry and educating businesses around the globe.

If there are any topics you want discussed or if you want to help change the industry please email