August 2016

Mayfair FX - Blog Post 21

5 Top Tips When Selling An International Property

16 August in FX

The must-read checklist before selling a property in another country. Have you recently considered selling your international property? The recent weakness in Sterling GBP may mean you receive more pounds back for the foreign currency you receive when you sell your property. As selling a property...

Mayfair FX - Blog Post 17

The Fall of the Multiple FX Broker Model

11 March in FX

If your business is using multiple FX Brokers, this is a must read! In today’s world we are conditioned to Compare Prices, Customer Service, Speed and endless more features in products and services we require/desire. One thing that often is left out is the very little...

Mayfair FX - Blog Post 16

Protected your business from currency movements?

04 February in FX

Don’t let your business get caught out by currency headwinds in 2016 Over the course of 2015 FX markets featured an unsettling amount of currency fluctuations. Some businesses benefitted when the exchange rates moved in their favour but most would have found they were caught out. Here...

Mayfair FX - Blog Post 15

Buying a Property Abroad

14 January in FX

Obtaining the best exchange rate when buying a property abroad can make the biggest difference Buying a Property Abroad is one of the biggest financial transactions you may make in your life and hence it puts in on par with buying your home or car. For...