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Buying a Property Abroad

10:00 14 January in FX

Obtaining the best exchange rate when buying a property abroad can make the biggest difference

Buying a Property Abroad is one of the biggest financial transactions you may make in your life and hence it puts in on par with buying your home or car. For this reason, obtaining the best foreign exchange rate can make all the difference. The example in the table below outlines just how big a difference it can make:

Example: The villa in Spain the client is looking to buy is listed at €350,000

Provider Mid-Market Client Rate Sterling Cost
Typical Bank 1.4000 1.3580 £257,731.96
Mayfair FX 1.4000 1.3860 £252,525.25
Saving using Mayfair FX £5,206.71


We suggest the following tips before making your International Payment for your property abroad:

  1. Compare the Price you are offered?
  2. Check if you are charged a Payment Fee?
  3. Find out the Time taken for the payment to be made


How can Mayfair FX help?

  • Gives you access to both Spot or Forward contracts
  • Charge you a small FX margin ‘Spread’ – save up to 3% compared to using a Bank or FX Broker
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Online platform to check & book currency rates 24/7
  • Hassle-free registration


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