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Calling All Recruiters…

11:10 12 September in FX

Recruiters across the UK are focusing on the International placement market more than ever before.

It seems a day does not go by without hearing the word Brexit and the endless discussions surrounding it. Much of the debate leans towards a negative bias however one industry that is set to benefit is the recruitment sector & particularly those businesses focused on international placements. This may sound bizarre at first but at closer investigation it is clear there are great opportunities for recruiters to benefit from.


Where are the recruitment opportunities?

  • Movement of labour across borders
  • UK-European businesses opening multiple offices across the UK & Europe
  • Moving of business headquarters
  • Companies hedging their staff risk by opening in multiple jurisdictions e.g. Asia, US, Africa
  • Evaluation of UK/Europe business opportunities and looking at faster growing economies
  • Previously held offshore positions being brought back onshore


There has been an extensive growth in the recruitment sector particularly over the last 2 years and this is evidence that recruiters are entering the industry to embrace this opportunity.

 Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) chief executive, Neil Carberry recently commented on Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures:

 “With employment at record levels, emerging staff shortages have the potential to dent businesses’ potential for growth and expansion. Recruitment businesses are uniquely placed to help ease the pressures that they are facing.

“To ease the burden of candidate shortages on businesses, Government should prioritise reforming the apprenticeship levy to make it an effective skills policy rather than a tax, and deliver a post-Brexit immigration deal that allows people to come from the EU and make a contribution to the UK economy. Employers need clarity that this will be written into the Brexit deal in order to plan future investment and growth.”

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