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Has my payment been made to my beneficiary?

You will receive an automated email confirmation advising when we have settled a transaction. The status of the transfer will update to ‘Completed’ on the platform in Payment History. This means we have made the payment as per the instructions provided and are now waiting on funds to arrive with the recipient.

When will my funds arrive with the beneficiary?

Funds will be released on the ‘delivery date’ noted on the trade confirmation email.

I can’t get a rate for my transaction

Our trading hours are 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Some transactions face restrictions:


– Forwards, TOD and TOM transactions are unavailable 22:00 to 23:30 each day
– Some exotic currencies are unavailable 22:00 to 23:20 each day
– Some currencies may be unavailable in the event of a bank holiday
– Some currencies are not available through our platform and will have to be completed via our telephone dealers

The money still has not arrived with the beneficiary?

Double check the recipient’s bank details against the details in the payment confirmation and make sure they match.


Are there any other external factors that could delay the payment such as a bank holiday?


To help avoid delays on payments, always reference your payments clearly and pass the reference details onto the beneficiary so they know to look for it.


If the money has not arrived and there is no reasonable explanation, please contact the Mayfair FX team.

I have forgotten my login details

Contact the Mayfair FX team and we will assist you with this.

I can't log in

Remember that your login ID, security questions and password are all case sensitive. Make sure you have not got Caps Lock on.


Login IDs must also be unique. If you have one user with multiple accounts, he or she will have different logins for each account.